Tokyo school 3months lesson for beginners

 starts from Jan 2022
 8 Jan(Sat) 1:30p.m.-2:30p.m.

  1 hour×6 lessons from Jan To Mar, 2022 (
   Learn basic koto techniques with various tunes in English 

  Lesson fee  JPY 8,000 per month(2 lessons)
            including Koto rental fee(available at home)

 Horikiri Chiku Center: only 1 min walk from Keisei Line Horikiri Shobuen
Tokyo school
one hour Trial lesson

Horikiri Chiku Center
1 min walk from Horikiri shobuen StationInquiry
Contact us for lesson schedule
  Shiga school  Nagahama/ Hikone

 Lesson Image
   Easily learn the Koto with 2 camera
   setup ( close-up, full screen )

What is "KANON"?

"KANON"is a new Japanese Koto with doremi scales covering seventeenth chords,or about half of the two octaves. The "do(C)"and "so(G)"are specially colored with blue and yellow,so even beginners can have peace of mind playing Japanese Koto sound.
Koto is made of paulownia. While the right hand plucks the strings,the left hand presses the strings behind the bridge(kotoji)to alter the tone.
KANON is 120cm length which is 2/3 of traditional Koto and only 4kg weight.It's quite easy to carry too!

  Traditional Japanese Koto   (180cm)
  Kanon (120cm)
                                Kanon music score
 traditional Koto music score 

Having doremi scales,KANON makes it easy to play not only Japanese music,but also classical music,jazz,pops and other world music.
We enjoy ensemble with other musical instruments .


Online lessons are now available!
Easily learn Japnaese Koto  
Japanese-English bilingual teacher instructs you.
Personalized coaching.
Koto and online lesson begginers are welcomed.
You can play one tune in just 30 min trial lesson!
Video and music feedbacks are available.
Regular lessons are also available in Tokyo and Shiga.

Trial lesson is available both online and schools in Tokyo and Shiga.
You can play one tune in just 30 min!

・Online trial lesson fee
 JPY 1,000(40 min)
 Koto rental fee JPY 5,000(shipping cost included)
・Please send us a message about a trial lesson
 at each school


Music videos

intro movie 
夕焼け小焼け Times of sunset (Japanese nursery rhyme) 
待ちぼうけ Waiting in vain(Japanese nursery rhyme)           
草競馬 Camptown races (American folk music)
Fanny Power (Irish music) 

5steps before online lessons 
  Book a trial lesson
Send us a message from an inquiry
  Check ZOOM WiFi connection
Make sure you are connected to WiFi, not using cellular data.
  Take a trial lesson
Koto and other materials are sent to you in advance
  Sign -up for online lessons 
Select 3-month lessons or regular lessons
  Online lessons start!
Enjoy your own private Koto lessons

Lesson schedule

You can choose regular lesson or 3 months online lesson.

3 months online lesson program 
(40min × 6 lessons)
・Tuning/・Fingering practice (thumb, forefinger and middle finger)
・Practicing tunes with this technic          
2nd month ・Tuning /・Fingering practice
・Practicing tunes with these technics
・Fingering practice("awase zume" , 2chords and tremolo)
・Practicing tunes with these technic sand ensemble music
 *This schedule may possibly be changed.

Lesson fee and payment

 Lesson fee   JPY 4,000 per month
 Koto rental fee JPY 4,000 per month
  (including shipping cost)
  ・Paypal credit card
・bank transfer in advance
Annual concert with a Mexican folklore group"Amankay"
Performance at "AiChikyu-haku"(International expo),Thai pavillion
National Recreation conference opening act at Otsu prince hotel

The 100th anniversary of Japan&Brazil exchange concert 

Masako's profile; a representative of "Kanon" Koto school

Music career

・Started playing koto and shamisen from a young age.

・Graduated from Seiha music school where developed professional koto musicians.

Studied under Yasuko Nakajima,a representative of Seiha Ikutaryu and learned jazz theory  from Akikazu Nakamura and Takeshi Yamaguchi.


Tokyo(Katsushika school)
Shiga(Nagahama, Hikone school)
Regular lesson
(English OK)